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String Trimmers

String trimmers are a part of the equipment we use to maintain our lawn These helpful machines save our backs and knees from getting up and down and stooping over to trim the edges of our lawns. Woodchucks will assist you with maintaining your string trimmer.

Stihl KM-56 in String Trimmer Configuration

From edging to trimming the weeds and grass along the fence line, string trimmers (electric or gas) are of great help in maintaining your landscape. The string trimmer needs two things, the string, and fuel, usually an oil mix. Woodchucks will help maintain the unit, and supply you with the string, we even carry fuel, a pure gasoline either in mix or no oil.

Stihl FC-56 in String Trimmer Configuration

In maintaining your string trimmer or any other piece of turf equipment it is of utmost importance to use clean, fresh fuel in that equipment. (Please read our page on proper fuels). Purchase only enough fuel to do your work for the weekend, and do not store any fuel longer than one month.

Woodchucks carries the full line of Stihl string trimmers and other Stihl turf equipment. Please visit our store to find out how the Stihl string trimmers are superior to other brands.

Motomix works in all Stihl engines and any other 2-cycle engine that requires a 50:1 mixture.

Stihl recommends that you keep fresh fuel in your equipment, and your fuel container. Do not let your fuel in the engine or fuel can sit more than thirty days, as the ethanol will evaporate and reduce the fuel efficiency. This degradation of the fuel will also allow the water that is trapped in the ethanol to settle to the bottom of the fuel tan and container. The stale fuel will also begin to form a varnish on the parts in the carburetor and fuel system, which will be partially dissolved by any new fuel added to the tank; which, in turn will clog fuel lines and the small jets in the carburetor.

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