Lawn Mower Repair Services

Our experienced mechanical staff repairs and maintains all types of small engines, including most lawn mower brands. Your lawn mower requires periodic maintenance, including oil changes, spark plugs, and blade sharpening. As the owner, you also must consider the fuel you use. Most engine manufacturers recommend 91/92 octane fuel; your fuel should be fresh, less than a month old (please read proper fuels page).

Repairing Lawn Mower Engine

Woodchucks will help you get your lawn mower ready for summer mowing. Prevent frustration by letting us tune the engine, change the oil, and sharpen the blade so your mower is ready for a summer of keeping your lawn looking neat and well groomed. Sometimes the engine on your mower is suffering from old, stale fuel. All of the old fuel residue clogs the fuel lines, and filter, plus gums up the small orifices in the carburetor.

Repairing Lawn Mower Blade

A sharp mower blade leaves a clean edge on the cut, not a frayed, brown end making your lawn look unkempt. We sharpen and balance lawn mower blades.

Most lawn mowers built today, that use USA engines (like Briggs & Stratton) will last five or more years. To obtain that longevity, you must keep the lawn mower properly maintained. Annual maintenance checks by Woodchucks will help, and you need to do more by keeping clean, fresh fuel in the tank, and use a fuel stabilizer. Briggs & Stratton’s stabilizer is designed for small engines, but good for all, and works well with ethanol fuels.

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