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Generac and Kohler Stanby Generators

Are you considering a standby or backup generator system? Our lives depend so much on electricity, from the chargers for our cell phones, to the air conditioning system that keeps us cool, electricity drives our lives. Other considerations for standby power is for safety reasons, primarily medical. Do you or is there someone in your home that depends on specialized medical equipment for their survival? Or, do you have medications that require refrigeration? These are the most common reasons for purchasing and installing a standby generator system.

Kohler Power Systems

Kohler Power Systems: American Legend

Born of a breakthrough in technology, Kohler® Power Systems has continued to follow that same path of innovation for more than eighty years. And it’s that commitment which has made the company a global force in the manufacture and marketing a vast array of effective, affordable power solutions

Generac Generators

Over 50 Years of Power Generation Expertise.

Generac makes generators for home, business, and industrial applications. Fueled by liquid propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. Protecting your investments against power outages. Generac builds an extensive line of generators and we are able to size and order the proper generator for your needs.

Provide safety and security for you and your family

A power outage that lasts a few hours is often nothing more than an inconvenience, requiring some flashlights and a little patience. But when a major storm knocks out electricity for days, life without a generator can become real bleak, real fast. Food spoils, mold grows, and basements prone to flooding are robbed of their working sump pump and begin to take on water. Extended power outages in the winter can be even more dangerous. Plummeting temperatures and a home without heat can be a deadly combination, especially to the oldest and youngest residents in the home. In these situations, a backup power solution can literally be a lifesaver.

Despite the fact that power outages have been taking place in the U.S. since the creation of the power grid, there’s still plenty of confusion among homeowners when it comes to their residential generator options. Whether it’s educating the public on proper use of a portable generator or instructing consumers on how to properly size for a permanent generator solution, the generator industry has its work cut out for it.

To make matters even more challenging, today’s home gobbles up electricity like never before. Also, many home also contain sensitive, high-tech appliances and electronics that can be inoperable or even damaged by “unclean” power from a generator. Fortunately, the generator manufacturers seem to have all of these bases covered. Not only are they making it easier for homeowners to choose the right emergency power solution, the solutions are keeping up with the needs of the modern home.

In developing standby power systems, you, as the homeowner need to make several decisions. One of these could be a small solar power station designed to keep a minimal number of circuits powered all of the time. An example would be your refrigerator, and one or two lighting circuits around the house would be powered by solar and batteries, but not heavy load circuits like air conditioners or electric dryers.

Please read the additional pages under this section to help you in your decision to make the investment to give you and your family greater peace of mind, and safety. Woodchucks is dedicated to keep our customers safe and happy.

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