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Keep your lawn and turf equipment in good running order for your ease of use, lower levels of frustration, and a neater looking landscape around your home. From lawn mowers to string trimmers, Woodchucks will help you keep those lawn tools in great shape, sharp and ready to do the work.

Hard and soft woods available in cords or all the way down to bags and bundles. Make sure your lawnmower blade is sharp! Get ready for storing your lawnmower.

Lawn Mower Blade Rapair

A dull lawnmower blade does not cut your grass, it bashes the ends off leaving frayed ends on the grass blade. The bashed ends look yellow and frayed, letting the lawn look dead, and allowing the grass to loose more moisture than normal. Bring your lawnmower blades in to have them sharpened or replaced.

Showing Differences in Cut Grass

Dirty Lawn Mowers

Besides looking unsightly, a dirty lawn mower may cause other problems. First, the dirt and debris can mask other problems, such as leaks. dirt in and around the cooling vents will cause the mower to overheat and cause major malfunctions. The dirt around and in the air filter will cause the unit to run rich, because it is starving for air, this will cause other problems such as excess fuel consumption, building up carbon in the engine, and more.

To help keep your mower running well, do keep the grass and debris from building up on, in, and around the engine. This all helps in keeping your level of frustration down, because the mower starts and runs correctly!

Don’t forget to check the oil prior to each startup, making sure the oil is at the proper level.

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